Schismatoglottis Prietoi Tissue Culture

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  • Easy foreground plant for low light tanks
  • Looks like anubias but plants into the ground
  • 100% clean with no algae, duckweed, or snails

Schismatoglottis prietoi is a relatively new plant to the aquarium hobby that looks like anubias but has softer leaves and prefers to be planted in substrate. Its almond-shaped, green leaves grow to 1–3 inches (3–8 cm) long and have wavy edges. This compact species is easy to care for and does well in low tech planted aquariums.

Once they become well-established, they develop a dense root system and have a faster growth rate than your typical anubias. They are also similar to cryptocoryne plants in the way they propagate. The original plant will produce runners, which grow a little plantlet at the end. Once the plantlet has several leaves and roots, the runner can be clipped and the new plantlet can be moved elsewhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Munair R. (Plantation, FL, US)
Schismatoglottis Prietoi

Nice plant! Doing well

David H. (Cookeville, TN, US)
Love these plant cups

Love these plant cups everyone I have gotten has been great quality and very healthy I've tried several different ones and you can even break them up into multiple tanks I think it's maybe even better than buying the potted plants

edward C. (Alexandria, KY, US)
Cool new plant

Came in bright green and healthy. Planted it and it is growing very well not a fast grower, but growing well.

Thomas (Melbourne, FL, US)
Growing and adjusting

On initial viewing they looked like a leafy ball - leaves from every angle. After some careful prying and de-tangling the roots I was able to get between 5-7 individual plants from each of the two tissue cultures I bought. The Malaysian trumpet snails in my tank hate the idea of letting anything take root but these little guys are trucking along regardless. Definitely a slow grower, but doing well.

Brenda B. (LaFayette, GA, US)
Great plant- arrived perfect

Nice new plant for me, split into sections to grow out more!