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  • Spreads easily
  • Great for baby fish
  • Easy to grow

Vallisneria has been a popular choice in the hobby for quite some time due to its minimal care requirements. It can be an excellent choice for beginners because it is very hardy, thrives under low to medium light and spreads quickly by sending out baby plants as runners. When it's well established you can get a new shoot as soon as every 3 days. 

Vallisneria grows very tall in an aquarium and can drape over the top to make fish and fry feel secure. For this reason, it also serves very well as a background plant to provide a nice green back drop for your aquarium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 742 reviews
Richard M. (Seattle, WA, US)
Healthy and green

These arrived healthy and green. They are doing great in my newest 5 gallon crab tank. If I’m not mistaken after about 2-3 weeks they are sprouting runners for lateral expansion. They came packaged exceptionally well. Care was taken and is appreciated.

Juan F.
Awesome plant!!

Already came in with various runners!

Shenna M. (Hudson, FL, US)
aquarium plant

I was pleased with how they arrived. All is going incredibly well, and my fish is happy.

Cary B. (Fort Worth, TX, US)
Already rooting out

This plant is already producing runners with roots and leaves very satisfied it’s gonna fill in quite nice I’m sure

Tony I. (Syracuse, NY, US)

The plant comes well packaged and is ready for planting. I divided my plant up between three different tanks and in less than a month I'm seeing new growth appear. I did use the co-op root tabs when I planted them. This is the first time I have had success with this plant. I would by it again.