Water Sprite

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  • Fine Leaves
  • Easy Care
  • Can Be Grown Floating

Water sprite is an easy to grow stem plant which thrives with plenty of nutrients under low to medium lighting. It will grow fairly quickly once it starts getting established. 

Water sprite can be grown traditionally planted into substrate or it can be used as a floating plant. With its fine, lace leaves and quick growth, this plant can provide excellent shelter for small fish and fry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 857 reviews
Nathan H. (Springfield, MO, US)
My go to place for aquarium plants !!!!

Always my go to for plants, great selection and quick shipping!!! Great for summer tub ponds !!

r38007@gmail.com (Springfield, OR, US)
Water Sprite

Very good looking plant. I just got back into planted tanks and wanted to try something new, and I am glad I did!

I had a bit more die back than I expected but after a few weeks and throwing some root tabs in I have quite a few stems shooting up and have about 3 or 4 "pieces" floating that have shot out roots.

Looking forward to when this really takes off!

J. (West Valley City, UT, US)
Water Sprite

I let this water sprite float in my beta’s 5 gal aquarium and it looks wonderful! My beta loves to explore through the plant, and it has had a lot of new growth. I have lower light and dose easy green every week, and this water sprite thrives under those conditions. This was my first live aquarium plant purchase from Aquarium Coop and I am very happy with it.

Valerie K. (Tarpon Springs, FL, US)
Updated review

Had 2 watersprite delivered that didn’t look too hot on arrival. Customer service contacted me and requested pictures. After receiving pictures they immediately gave me the option of refund or credit. I chose credit and ordered more watersprite. The new ones arrived in perfect condition and are doing great! Thank you! Your customer service is amazing!!!

Michael I. (Interlochen, MI, US)
Beautiful addition to my aquarium!

The Water Sprite plants I ordered arrived in excellent condition and create a beautiful area in my aquarium. Their color is so vibrant!

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