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Plant Weights

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Lead weights to help make sure your plants stay where you want them! These are aquarium safe. They are a much higher quality than your average plant weight. A package contains 10 weights. These are shrimp and snail safe.

Customer Reviews

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So necessary when planting in different substrates

Are your stem plants a bunch of two yr olds in need of a little guidance?

Some stem plants to root, can benefit from a little weight and others from everyday traffic just so they don't take off when they want. My 6 local stores didn't have weights to hold me to local purchase, so once again, I'm buying several thousand miles away and receiving my order like a local purchase! Hoorah!, to great customer service!

Very helpful.

Doing what it is supposed to.

No more errant stem plants!

This is amazing, my mystery snails love bulldozing through my plants, and this keeps the stem plants in place. No more floaties! It gives your plants a chance to root and hold onto the gravel, I always find myself purchasing these so I can keep propagating and getting new plants established.

Heavier than a typical plant weight

Normally you get a weight when you buy a bunch plant and they always look gross and are too lightweight once plants get to a certain size. These weights are significantly heavier and make it much easier to keep plants in looser substrates or with fish that can't stop uprooting. I had a yo-yo loach that would unbury all my new plants, and after using a couple of these I was able to keep them stable to develop enough roots to keep them planted. These also look much better, but as a result of their increased weight theyre a little bit harder to bend into certain positions