Activ Betta Bio-Activ Gravel (1 lb. bag)

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  • Establishes Beneficial Bacteria
  • Speeds Up Nitrogen Cycling
  • Helps Prevent Loss from New Tank Syndrome

Activ Betta Bio-Activ Gravel is a natural aquarium substrate packed with beneficial bacteria to help speed up the cycling of your aquarium. This allows for the addition of fish into a set up sooner than using non-active substrate as the bacteria can begin consuming ammonia right away. 

Beneficial bacteria are essential to a healthy aquarium and should be present before adding livestock. We recommend testing your water often while using this product to ensure your cycle has successfully been completed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Irina R. (Linthicum Heights, MD, US)
Betta gravel

It worked fine, i dont see why you needed to put betta in the name, because if you buy enough, you can use it on multiple species. Thats beside the point though, it made my blackwater tank look so pleasing and it doesnt catch air bubbles, it sinks immediately unlike some gravel ive used in the past. 10/10 recommend

Ruth R. (Reedsville, WV, US)
Nice product

Setting up my first planted aquarium. The Acive-betta bio-active gravel is perfect fine gravel ,not to coarse and has the bacteria boost to help cycle my new tank.

Natoha (Sherman, TX, US)
Active Betta Bio-Active Gravel (1 lb. bag)

Ya it looks like its working everything is working great so far my Betta is so happy in his new home

Justin W.
Kick start aquarium

Added two bags of this to a 10 gallon to help jumpstart the cycle (dark area in the substrate). Has definitely helped with that! Water tests have all come back with a 0/0/0. Definitely recommend for any aquarium starting out

Charlene C. (Haverhill, MA, US)
Activ Betta bio activ gravel

I bought the activ betta bio gravel to set up my 6 gallon fish tank faster. It really makes a difference my plants and betta seem to be doing Great! I would highly recommend this product. Very quick shipping and love the stingray sticker it was a pleasant surprise. A+++

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