Dwarf Sagittaria

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  • Propagates Easily by Runners
  • Carpeting Plant
  • Hard Water Tolerant 

Sagittaria subulata or Dwarf Sag is a great plant for aquarists new to planted tanks. It is relatively undemanding and will spread easily to form an eye-catching, grass-like carpet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 408 reviews
Derrick (Fergus Falls, MN, US)
Dwarf Sag

Arrived here in MN cold weather 10 - 15 degrees in nifty little freezer bag liner and all my plants are beautiful again. Haven't had experience elsewhere since I have never had bad time here all my plants and most all supplies come from here just like the service quality as of 11/22

Walt A. (Hamilton, MT, US)
dwarf sagittaria

good size saggittaria plants and healthy, ready for planting in a healthy aquarium.

Dustin W. (Fargo, ND, US)

Love these. Within a couple weeks they were propagating runners and now the tank is starting to form a beautiful carpet.

Megan (Austin, TX, US)
Doing good!

It's been about 3 weeks since I got my plants, but I wanted to wait a bit before writing this to give them some time to settle in - and I'm happy to report that they're doing pretty good! I ordered one of these dwarf sagittaria and two vallisneria. They arrived well-packed, but looked a little sad (which is not surprising). I also put off planting them for about 24 hours - so by the time they were in the tank they were a kinda' mushy and translucent. However, with a bit of time they've perked up a great deal and are vibrant green! There were a few bits that didn't recover and needed to be trimmed off, but that's to be expected. Also excited to announce that there are already a few tiny runners! For those curious, my tank is non-CO2 with aquarium soil substrate and gets 8 hours of full spectrum LED light.

Daniel F.

Ordered Saturday afternoon had it in hand Monday morning...Wow
This was part of my first order from Aquarium co-op, I am very impressed with both the service and the plants. They are all very nice plants and in great condition. Will be ordering more without a doubt. Thanks and Two thumbs up for the team.