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  • Fine, lace-like leaves
  • Can be grown floating or planted in ground
  • Easy plant that grows quickly

Water sprite is an easy-to-grow, aquatic fern with dense foliage that provides excellent shelter for small fish and fry. It can be grown traditionally planted into substrate or used as a floating plant. Water sprite grows fairly quickly when given plenty of nutrients under low to medium lighting. It is often confused with water wisteria because of their complex leaf texture and bright green color. However, water sprite has a more thin, lace-like leaf structure, whereas the leaves of water wisteria are a little more broad and sturdy. 

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Excellent Cover for Small Fish & Shrimp

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Customer Reviews

Based on 868 reviews
Valerie B. (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Water Sprite

I couldn't believe how nice this plant was out of the box. I'm going to cut a piece off and float it to see what it does as well as plant it.

Cody S. (Birmingham, AL, US)
Fast Shipping!

Ordered plants from another company and paid $20 for 2 day USPS (1-9 Handling days). Ordered these plants on a Monday and had them by Wednesday for a fraction of the shipping cost. Very pleased with the quality of the plants that arrived. Lush and green and looked great. Will continue to do business with Aquarium Co-Op.

Leslie B. (Richmond, CA, US)
Super easy to grow, arrived healthy and robust

I'm a total beginner at planted tanks. My first order of aquarium plants included this water sprite, and I'm so pleased with it. The plant arrived in great condition, and after only 2 weeks in the tank it's already sprouting up new stems. Super happy with this purchase, thanks so much!

Marie B. (Tampa, FL, US)
Good as floater too

I trimmed the top and have it floating with guppy grass and duckweed. All ready for me to add some livebearers.

Chance G. (Loveland, CO, US)

Love these plants shipping was fast plants arrived safely no dead leaves or broken stems witch is hard thing to prevent while shipping water sprite. plants doing great in my tank only had them a few weeks and are already getting bigger