Marsilea Hirsuta Tissue Culture

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  • Clover-like carpeting plant
  • Easily separates into multiple plant starts
  • 100% clean with no algae, duckweed, or snails

Marsilea hirsuta is a relatively easy-to-grow foreground plant that will carpet your aquarium like a field of clovers. The rounded leaves are bright green and may develop one to four lobes, depending on the environment. The plant ranges from 0.75–4 inches (2–10 cm) in height and stays shorter in medium to high lighting, which means minimal trimming is needed. 

Once the plant becomes well-established, it propagates by sending out runners that can provide ground cover for an entire aquarium. Provide a nutrient-rich substrate (such as aquatic soil or a well-established, non-soil substrate) or plenty of root tabs for optimal growth. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
K.B. (Richmond, VA, US)

Gave it roots tabs and easy green and the broke them up into smaller plants and they started growing the next day

Bill (Newaygo, MI, US)
Sturdy little plant!

Didn't seem to really melt, and now there's new clover-like leaves popping up around where we initially planted it.

Not running c02. Will probably start splitting some of this off into another tank because I love the look of it.

John K. (Columbus, OH, US)
Very healthy

Can already see the plants rooting after a couple days! Very healthy and packaged well. No snails have been discovered, either

Neva A. (Belfast, ME, US)
Like Clover

I love the ground cover in my aquarium. It reminds me of clover.

Juan Z. (Santa Barbara, CA, US)