Micro Sword

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  • Carpeting Plant
  • Grass-Like Leaves
  • Provides Cover for Shrimp and Fry

Micro sword is a grassy looking plant which will eventually form a dense carpet if grown under medium to higher lighting. As it grows, it will send out runners along the substrate which will form new baby plants. Once it starts taking off, it can grow relatively quickly, but usually does not get to be more than a few inches tall. Many aquarists keep this plant trimmed regularly to create a "lawn" effect.

Customer Reviews

Based on 330 reviews
J B. (Hobe Sound, FL, US)
Excellent plant experience

Plant came in great and is already growing and spreading in the tank.

Joshua H. (Lafayette, LA, US)

Everything came in perfect.

Mikayla M.
It died but probably my fault

Did I kill the micro sword? Or did the micro sword not have what it takes to thrive in a busy and fast paced environment? Answer: I might’ve killed it.
I placed root tabs and liquid fertilizer but I’m not sure if it didn’t like the sand substrate or if it just required more light than my other plants. But that boy melted like ice cream in August. I do believe this was on me though, and no fault of the product or aquarium Co-Op as the plant was flourishing when I received it.

Omar B. (Callao, VA, US)
Micro sword

This plant is doing great. It's a tough plant that so far isn't affected by my tanks bba problem.
Healthy natural looking plant. Thank you aquarium coup team for bringing such healthy plants for us to enjoy. Will be back for more soon.

Mikayla C. (Milwaukee, WI, US)
Micro Sword

I live in SE wisconsin and saw my package within 3 days. I had another plant in the order and both were neatly packed in their own wet pouch with no discoloration and lots of roots. Was able to break up the swords into 6 decent sized patches, and I'm thrilled with how healthy they looked. Exactly as pictured.