Xtreme Community Crave Flakes

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  • Packed with nutritious krill and spirulina 
  • Naturally enhances colors in your fish
  • Attracts even the pickiest eaters

Not sure what to feed your fish tonight? Xtreme combined two of their specially formulated fish foods to create their most popular flake food — Community Crave. This well-balanced formula of proteins and amino acids contains a blend of 60% spirulina flakes and 40% krill flakes. The high-quality ingredients are designed to not only bolster your fish's immune system but also intensity their natural colors so they look amazing in your aquarium. Plus, the flakes are easy to crumble to the perfect size and do not cloud the water when used as directed. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
ADDISON (Holly Springs, NC, US)
Brings out my shy fish.

I have a bunch of Kuhli Loaches that I never see even though they live in a tank with plenty of hiding places to make them feel safe. When I started feeding this food to my tanks the Kuhli Loaches all come out immediately and hang out looking for food, every time! No other food made them leave their hiding spots. I will always keep this food around now.

Kayla (New Boston, MI, US)
Great product!

My fish love it!

David R. (Riverside, CA, US)
Xtreme Community Crave Flakes

I have only had this food for a few days so I am not able to characterize the longer term consequences for how fish to on it. But, I can certainly say that the fish love it and eat all I give them right away. I have used Xtreme foods for many years and am confident that there will be good health and coloration associated with their products.

BG (Herriman, UT, US)
Love this food

And so do my fish. I have been using this food for a year now and it really brings out the color in them.

Rob M. (Seattle, WA, US)
Healthy fish

I always trust that you sell healthy fish pets