Red Flame Sword

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  • Easy Care
  • Large Size
  • Colorful Leaves

Red Flame Sword is a very easy to grow, yet very impactful aquarium plant. It can have green, red or bronze colored leaves which feature an interesting and eye-catching spotted pattern. At least medium lighting would be ideal for this plant to thrive.

Red flame sword plants can get quite large if left untrimmed and therefore look impressive as a background plant in larger aquariums or even a center piece plant in nano tanks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 253 reviews
Raychel (Holley, NY, US)

We ordered Windelov Java fern, Baby tears, Crinum Calamistratum, Red Flame Swords and a red dwarf lily bulb. All arrived quickly and in great shape. The baby tears and Red flame swords are especially taking off well with new growth and great color. Nothing from the lily bulb yet, but it's only been a few weeks. I'm VERY happy with our order and will be ordering from them again soon!

Joe (Chicago, IL, US)

Found you guys on YouTube. Great videos. Glad I came to you guys.

alexander C. (Syracuse, NY, US)

Awesome plant, got in about a week ago and already a brand new leaf bigger then the others

Beautiful plant!

I ordered two! They came looking super healthy and a good size. They are growing like crazy and I love the touch of color they give my tank!

K. (Cedar Rapids, IA, US)
Red flame sword

I ordered two red flame sword plants and they came in great condition!! They are both healthy and vibrant! This is my second order with Aquarium Co-Op and I will continue to order from them whenever I need new aquarium plants! The last aquarium plants I ordered about a year ago are still thriving in my aquariums.

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