Easy Fry and Small Fish Food

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  • Easy squeeze bottle for fast feeding
  • High protein made of salmon
  • Refillable

After many years of breeding fish and running a large fish rooms and fish stores, I developed this food and method for fast feeding for baby and small fish. With the easy squeeze bottle, feeding is now a one-handed operation, where one hand feeds the food and the other hand is free to open aquarium tops. With all the time saved, you can feed this high-protein food several times a day — which leads to much faster growing fish, more intense coloration, and more babies. If you have large aquariums or ponds, you can cut the opening larger to feed more with each squeeze.

Floating Fry Food That Slowly Sinks

Easy Squeeze Feeding Bottle

Loved By Small Fish

Customer Reviews

Based on 949 reviews
Kurt B. (Poughkeepsie, NY, US)
My Personal Favorite

All my nano fish and fry love this food. It’s easy to use and my fish go crazy for it! The size is perfect for smaller mouthed fish and small fry. Great quality and there is a lot in the bottle. It lasts a long time.

Chris (Louisville, KY, US)
Easy Fry Food

I have found Aquarium Co-OP’s Easy Fry Food to be a great product. My fry and nano fish enjoy eating it and I have seen positive growth in my fry once I switched to this. I feed this food to fry from my Bolivian Rams, Celestial Pearl Danios, Neon Blue Rasboras, and Platies and they all readily eat it. In addition to the improved growth rates, I appreciate the easy to use bottle when I feed the fry and nano fish in multiple aquariums and fry trays (opening and closing lids one-handed is a breeze using the bottle).

Kyle M. (Little Rock, AR, US)
Easy Fry Food

I have 4 tanks of fry and they absolutely go crazy when I spray this finely powdered food into the tank.

Steve W. (Jacksonville, FL, US)
All my fish will eat it

I feed my small tetras and my rainbow fish scarf it down too

John (Franklin, MA, US)
Great nano fish food

My fish love it.