Fritz Zyme 7 Live Bacteria (Freshwater)

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  • Quickly establishes beneficial bacteria in new aquariums and speeds up the aquarium cycling process
  • Helps prevent fish loss
  • Fortifies beneficial bacteria in established aquariums

Fritz Zyme 7 is live bacteria in a bottle. Adding it to your aquarium will help increase the beneficial bacteria count. In a new aquarium this helps in establishing the bacteria that breaks down fish waste, meaning you can add fish to your new aquarium sooner. In an established aquarium, it helps if you are adding additional fish or increasing the amount of food that you are feeding.

Do you already have an established aquarium? Fritz Zyme 7 can be helpful when adding new fish or livestock to your aquarium. Fritz Zyme 7 will also help rebuild the beneficial bacteria population after a power outage, after you have done a deep cleaning (where beneficial bacteria can be disrupted during the cleaning process), and after you have changed filter cartridges or filters. Fritz Zyme 7 can also be used after you have changed water and finished medicating an aquarium to help reestablish beneficial bacteria.

Customer Reviews

Based on 276 reviews
Brian L. (Everett, WA, US)
Great staff and selection!

Their staff are always available to answer any questions I may have and have helped me develop a very healthy and fun to watch habitat! Thanks everyone!

Ken B. (Saint Helens, OR, US)
Good stuff

I had to tear down my 40 gallon breeder, completrly, and then set it back up. I feared cycling the bio-filtration, so I tried the Fritz Zyme 7 to quickly restart the bio filter. I tested my water every day or 2 for 2-3 weeks. I never saw any nitrite, not a hiccup, which told me it was working good, converting all the ammonia and nitrite to nitrate, which my live plants eat right up.

Tiffany S. (Bend, OR, US)
A must buy!

Great product and a must have. My tank crashed (I own it, I messed up) and the Fritz zyme 7 saved me!

Paulina L. (Minneapolis, MN, US)

Very fast shipping and bottle came in great! Love it.

James L. (Seattle, WA, US)
Worked well with my setup.

I run an old school 60 gallon with a wet/dry sump and canister filter. Hadn't been setup for awhile, bought a bottle of this and was able to add a group of 7 discus immediately in my bare bottom tank. Ammonia was kept in check and I believe really helped jumpstart the cycle. Would advise caution to anyone just hoping to dump this in their tank and add a bunch of fish without having a good idea of current filtration and bio load.