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Fritz Zyme 7 Live Bacteria (Freshwater)-Aquarium Co-Op
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This is a live bacteria that can be added to a newly established aquarium to speed up the cycling time. This isn't a magical cure all, but will speed up cycling time and water parameters should be monitored during. This 16oz bottle will treat 80 gallons of water for one dose initially. And 160 gallons for an established aquarium that just needs a boost in bacteria.

Directions & Dosage

For new systems, dose 4oz (½ cup) per 10 US gallons. For a large livestock system, new system dosage may be safely increased up to 10x.
For established systems after bacterial loss, use 2 oz (¼ cup) per 10 US gallons.

NOTE: Live product. Do not freeze or overheat. Store in a cool, dark place. Use before expiration date.

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