3ml Pipette

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  • Great For Dosing Medication and Fertilizer
  • Holds 3ml of Liquid
  • Reusable and Non-Breakable

Pipettes are a great tool to have around for dosing chemicals such as dechlorinators, plant fertilizers, medications and much more. This particular pipette can draw in 3 ml of liquid. These are also a great way to feed live baby brine, live black worms and other live foods. Made entirely from plastic so it will not break in your hand. These pipettes are completely reusable and will last you a long time.

Customer Reviews

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Spencer E. (Boise, ID, US)
Durable, manageable serving and useful

I used this dividing brine shrimp to my baby axolotls and it works great! Super quick shipping and very useful to portion the brine shrimp appropriately.

Jonathan P. (Yucca Valley, CA, US)

3ml Pipette

M (Orlando, FL, US)
Using it every day

Using it to measure dechlorinator (esp. Prime because you only need 2 drops per gallon), to pipe water into test vials, and to dose meds. I also suck up uneaten food with it (within the hour) and put that into ice cube trays, can feed it later when they are hungry again. Now that I have a pipette I can’t live without it. Get a few! (Trust me) Since they’re clear you will lose them unless you have a dedicated spot to keep them. I now started keeping them in their own solo cup so I know where they are. :)

Kenneth L. (Clarksburg, WV, US)

Works like it should

Jay S. (Auburn, NY, US)

3ml Pipette