Activ Betta Bio-Activ Gravel (1 lb. bag)

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  • Establishes Beneficial Bacteria
  • Speeds Up Nitrogen Cycling
  • Helps Prevent Loss from New Tank Syndrome

Activ Betta Bio-Activ Gravel is a natural aquarium substrate packed with beneficial bacteria to help speed up the cycling of your aquarium. This allows for the addition of fish into a set up sooner than using non-active substrate as the bacteria can begin consuming ammonia right away. 

Beneficial bacteria are essential to a healthy aquarium and should be present before adding livestock. We recommend testing your water often while using this product to ensure your cycle has successfully been completed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Amanda N. (Bethlehem, PA, US)
Love this gravel

Love the size of the gravel. It's more sand-like. Also love that it has a bit of a sparkle. You can still get a natural look with a touch of whimsical. Hope it comes back in stock soon. I want to buy a few bags to set up a small tank for my desk at work. Cheaper here than other sources.

Vincent S. (Tucson, AZ, US)
Activ Betta Bio Activ gravel

I put this on top of florite sand it looks great nice gravel size love it.

Cynthia V. (Gloucester City, NJ, US)
Not a review just a question

Can I use this for a 1 betta fish tank with no live plants? I have a 10 gallon. And just one fella

Giovi C. (Queens, NY, US)
Very easy to use.

I forgot that it is already activated so you do NOT rinse it otherwise you will kill most, if not all, of the beneficial bacteria. Pouring it in. Did not cause any clumping and floated completely to the bottom. Gives a good dark coat on my gray sand, and after a week my nitrogen cycle seems to be flawless.

Christina H. (Tacoma, WA, US)
Pretty good product

So far the plants and fish enjoy it. My tank is not exactly setup how I want it yet. Meaning the fish can eat the substrate as it is not under the sand yet. All in all a good product.