Aquarium Co-Op Apisto Cave

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  • Great for Spawning Fish
  • Provides Shelter
  • Made of Natural Materials

The Apistogramma cave is a small terracotta cave with a hole on one side. They are designed for spawning Apistogramma species as well as other dwarf cichlids. Kuhli loaches, shrimp, small plecos and more will also find valuable shelter in this cave. 

The cave itself is made out of natural terracotta clay and is safe for all animals. It is designed to hold up well over time. It has a flat top for easy stacking or to fit nicely within rock structures in your aquarium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Stephen M. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Apisto Cave

My Orange Flash pair took to the cave immediately. I really like the size as it doesn’t take up much room at all and easy to blend in with plants

Stephen B. (Hazelwood, MO, US)

I ordered two of these. Both came quickly and are nearly identical. They seem well made and I really appreciate the flat top so I can attach plants. Like most aquarium co-op products it’s high quality and reasonably priced

Cat L. (Renton, WA, US)
Good for a lot of different fish

"10/10 hidey hole" - My kuhli loaches

X.S. (Denver, CO, US)
Apisto cave

I ordered two of these for my peacock gudgeons and they took to them quickly. I'm glad I ordered these.

Mirek T. (Laramie, WY, US)
Apisto cave

My apisto pair totally ignores it, but that may be because a juvenile pleco or two found it irresistible instead :) Otherwise, I am happy with it, it's exactly as described.