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Excellent Aponogeton Crispus

Plants arrived on time, packaged perfectly and in excellent condition! Also i absolutely love this plant! lol :D

Very pretty, healthy plant.

Plants arrived expertly packaged, looking good. After about 2 or 3 weeks in my very low light, no Co2, 10yr old shallow Flourite and gravel substate it is flourishing, light bright green, large new leaf, no die back of existing leaves. Did place a root tab under it and do light ferts once a week because Somebody convinced me it was expedient when your tap water contains nothing a plant needs. Hoping to expand from the all Java Fern look.

Awesome plant!

As always super fast shipping, personal attention taken on my order with a special drawing, I always enjoy on my box. The plant was packaged perfectly, and looks great, healthy, and good size.
Thank you everyone!

Acceptable but not outstanding

This plant arrived looking a bit faded and weaker than the other two in the order, but after 2 weeks in my tank (CO2 and aquasoil) most leaves are greening up, a few are browning and I will remove them, but there is some new growth from the base. So I would order these again, and would recommend them to others, mainly because it seems to be recovering, and also because it was the only weak-ish plant in the order and the other two were in excellent condition. The packing was excellent and the order shipped immediately. This was my first purchase from Aquarium Coop and I am happy I found them, I will be ordering from them again.

Beautiful Show plant

Purchased 2 weeks ago from Ali at the Co-op , had a ton of roots , cut pot off. The plant was beautiful , planted bulb half way into substrate, dose of Easy Green fertilizer and it's taking off! Wonderful center piece to a 70 gallon community tank, it's flowering too! Thanks Ali