Aquarium Co-Op Air Pump with Battery Backup

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  • Up to 8 hours of use on single charge
  • Powerful air flow with adjustable amount of flow
  • Automatically switches to battery use during a power outage

The air pump you've always needed is here. Keep your aquarium water well-oxygenated and your fish healthy in absolutely any scenario — even when the power is out. The Aquarium Co-Op air pump utilizes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can be run continuously for up to 8 hours on a charge. The included power cord is over 11 feet long, allowing you more flexibility on placement. It can be plugged into a wall outlet like a standard air pump or powered using an external USB battery bank for portable use. (Note: USPS handles packages with lithium-ion batteries differently, which will result in a slower delivery time than our normal fast shipping.)

This truly essential piece of equipment can provide you peace of mind that your aquarium is safe even in an emergency because the air pump automatically switches to battery use if it loses power. The air pump operates reliably and quietly in two modes: continuous mode and power save mode (where the air cycles between 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off to conserve battery). Watch the video here:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 417 reviews
Jody M. (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Awesome air pump.

I have not tried the battery backup part. However this unit is extremely quiet and the adjustability feature is great.

Dana D. (Twin Falls, ID, US)
Super Silent

Its so quiet I have to focus on the sound to even hear it. I love it! It's so much better that any of the brands carried at Petsmart/Petco there really isn't even a comparison to make. I'll have to get another one soon for my other tank.

Marlene (Sarver, PA, US)
Really like this!

I wanted a pump in case power goes out when we're away and already had 2 for other tanks, both required batteries. I really like that this is self-charging. I bought the one with 1 airline. I bought a new fish and wanted to keep it separate for a week, and this was perfect for that purpose in running an airstone. (I know QT should be a month, not a week, but I felt sure it was okay and did at least that much! It's doing great.)

Bob M. (Highland Lakes, NJ, US)
works great

works great, pretty quiet

S.F. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Great air pump! Super quiet plus it gives me peace of mind!

Great air pump! Plus it gives me peace of mind if the power goes out. It runs 2 air stones with no problems at all! It's also REALLY quite!!! I have 3 of these and one just stopped working so I contacted customer service. They give a year warranty on them so I was able to get a replacement and didn't have to send anything back. Just had to record a quick video showing it plugged in and not working. Aquarium Co-op has the BEST customer service hands down!

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