Aquarium Co-Op Ammonia Test Strips

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  • Results in 30 Seconds
  • Available in Two Sizes: 25 and 100 Tests
  • Laminated Comparison Card

Remove all doubt by testing your aquarium water for ammonia with the Ammonia Test Strips developed by Aquarium Co-Op. The test is easy to use and the results can be read in just 30 seconds, so you can test frequently to ensure the health of your aquarium over time. 

The provided color chart helps you better understand your readings at a glance by suggesting safe levels and what to do if there is too much ammonia present in the water. We created these to make your life easier and save you money when it comes to testing your water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 275 reviews
B. L. (Clayton, NC, US)
Instant peace of mind.

Test strips can be scary. I tried these along with other testing methods to see how they compare. They work great! I made sure to order more before I completely ran out. That’s how I know I really appreciate a product.

John B. (Northfield, VT, US)
Quick and Easy

I wanted something quick and easy to check my hospital tank before going to work each morning. These strips fit those requirements perfectly! 30 secs later you have your results!

Diane F. (Roanoke, VA, US)
Accurate, quick and easy to use

Looking for an accurate and quicker way to test water, especially when adding more fish to aquarium bio load. Instructions are easy to read and follow. Result chart is easy to see the different color levels and the added bonus of Safe, Caution and Change Water notices on the bottle are an added benefit. Glad I purchased these test strips.

Tahna S. (Kansas City, MO, US)

Aquarium Co-Op Ammonia Test Strips

Marc F. (St Louis, MO, US)
Easy, dry hands!

The strips are very easy to use, and they seem accurate

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