Aquarium Co-Op Ammonia Test Strips

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  • Results in 30 Seconds
  • Available in Two Sizes: 25 and 100 Tests
  • Laminated Comparison Card

Remove all doubt by testing your aquarium water for ammonia with the Ammonia Test Strips developed by Aquarium Co-Op. The test is easy to use and the results can be read in just 30 seconds, so you can test frequently to ensure the health of your aquarium over time. 

The provided color chart helps you better understand your readings at a glance by suggesting safe levels and what to do if there is too much ammonia present in the water. We created these to make your life easier and save you money when it comes to testing your water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 301 reviews
Brooke G. (Knoxville, TN, US)
Best test strips!

Easy to use, seem accurate compared to liquid to test. Great affordable testing!

Seth R. (Hulbert, OK, US)
Ammonia test kit

The ammonia test kit arrived quickly will all seals in tact. The directions are simple to understand and the strips are extremely easy to use. What more could you ask for?! Also recommend getting the 100 count instead of the 25 count due to it being 75% more strips for 50% more cost.

Kurtis S. (Sarasota, FL, US)
Ammonia strips

I haven't used any yet, but if they're as good as the other ones, they're gonna be way more useful to me than my liquid kit...! I haven't seen any ammonia in any of my 70+ tanks in years because they're heavily planted jungles... both above and below water...

Gary R. (Brentwood, CA, US)
Nice product

Love using the strips very time saving and accurate.

Linda K. (Kea‘au, HI, US)
So happy

And confident in the strips accuracy because I got it from aquarium co-op; I know Cory wouldn’t sell anything he did not have confidence in.