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Aquarium Co-Op Coffee Mug

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Show off your Aquarium Co-op Pride! Do your coworkers not understand your addictions to aquariums? Make sure they know with this awesome mug. Show them you mean business with this perfect coffee cup. 


Customer Reviews

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I bought one for my mom. She loves it. I bought one for me too. I love it too.


I like this mug. I wish I had a plastic fish to float around in my coffee so I could post a picture here. It would be a perfect statement without any verbiage, but alas, I do not have one so this will have to suffice. It arrived quickly and was not broken (unlike another mug I ordered recently online). Hides the green algae. Ya gotta support your LFS. Thanks, AQ CO-OP.

It’s great!

It’s beautiful and green with the coop logo. For some reason when I drink coffee out of it it now tastes better than Starbucks.

Love it

Your coffee cup is great. It has a really nice big handle that keeps fingers away from the heat, and it's green inside! Means that I don't have to scrub the inside as often.

Need a container for literally ounces of liquid?

If that liquid is not corrosive, I’m positive this is the mug for you! I’ve tested this mug with such liquids as hot coffee, cold milk, water, lukewarm coffee and more. It has never failed to contain a reasonable amount of liquid, not even once!

The mug holds somewhere between an extra large coffee mug and a regular 8 ounce coffee cup’s worth of liquid with liquid creamer. The cup was smaller than I thought but my coffee didn’t have a chance to get cold before I finished the cup.

If you use this mug while wearing an Aquarium Co-Op shirt fishtank maintenance is performed 25% percent faster. (Results based on one personal experiment.)