Aquarium Solutions Ich - X

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  • Treats Ich Effectively
  • Plant Safe
  • Invertebrate Safe

This is what we use here at the store and at Cory's fish room to treat every fish we come into contact with. For us we've never had problems using it with inverts, scaleless fish, and plants. Great for treating Ich, as well as mild fungal infections. We recommend using an airstone in the aquarium when treating with Ich - X.

Commonly used to treat:

  • Ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis)
  • Velvet (Gold Dust Disease)
  • Saproleniasis (Cotton Wool Disease)
  • Trichondiniasis 
  • Fungal Issues
  • Protozoan Caused Diseases 

Customer Reviews

Based on 567 reviews
elizabeth n. (Chicago, IL, US)

Use this in conjunction with salt dip to nip ick in the bud - with current and new fish.

AT (West Valley City, UT, US)
Did the trick

Product works great cleared up the ick spots on the fish were gone within a few day after raising the temp of the tank a little and medicated with ick-x. Follow the instructions and you should be able to save your fish. Customer service is great I have been ordering from co-op for a few years now and they always deliver. A few month ago I left a review of a coffee cup that I had ordered that had a chip in the cup, I wasn't looking to get it repalced or anything just wanted to let them know to do a better job a quality checks with in a few day they contacted me and offered to make it right, again wasn't looking for a replacement since the return window had passed and it was my fault for not opening the package sooner. They replaced the coffee cup, I use it everday. THANKS AGAIN Co-Op for having great products and standing by them.

Laurell M. (Modesto, CA, US)
Excellent products, excellent service

Received everything I ordered correctly and quickly, and all was as described. Very happy

Michael C. (Brigham City, UT, US)
Great stuff

Worked quickly without issue. Shipping was fast and reliable. Awesome job guys.

Denise L.R. (Columbus, OH, US)
Saved our fish

Easy to use