Betta Floating Log

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  • Provides Shelter
  • Great for Bubble Nesting Fish
  • Floats by Itself

Great for not only Bettas, but other fish like Gouramis, Dwarf Cichlids, Loaches and more - this Floating Betta Log provides your fish a natural-looking spot to eat, sleep breed or just hang out. Designed to engage fish and bring out their natural behaviors while providing them a sense of safety and security in your tank.

The log features a hole at the top for easy feeding or for fish to reach the surface for air. It will remain floating and will not sink.

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Douglas R.I. (Genoa City, WI, US)
Betta home

My betta loves his log. He eats out of it. Hangs out in it. Rests in it. So happy I got it for him.

J. (Cañon City, CO, US)
He loves it!

Took a video immediately after putting the log in my tank, and I made sure to add some food in the top hole as well. Merry Christmas little Frank!

Andrew (Columbus, OH, US)
I mean.....

Certainly works. I don't know if he is just waiting to get it cleaned before he moves in? He was in it at night. Doesn't like to be fed in it, probably why he hired the Amano shrimps to clean it up.

Emma H. (Providence, RI, US)
betta loves it!

took him a few days to get used to it, but my betta hangs out in this all the time!

Jamie G.
My Male Betta Loves It!

My betta loves his log. It was easy to get him interested when i put some of his favorite food in the opening in the top. Definitely recommend this to anyone who has bettas.