Bio Rings

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These bio rings are made of sintered glass. Great for improving your biological bacterial count in your aquariums. Common used in Canister Filters, Hang on Back filters and sumps.  The bio rings weight 1lb 2 oz or 500 grams. 

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Bio Rings

There are a lot of bio rings you get for this price. Best value I could find.

They come in a net too which is all inside a plasic bag so you don't get dust all over the place during shipping.


bought these bio ring for m hang on back filter. they fit just perfectly. I also loved how little waste was used in the package of the product, item was shipped with two other item. Also come in a really nice little baggy so they all stay together. Over all great product!

Bio Rings

I recently added the rings to my HOB filter as well as a sponge cover for the intake. The water tests well and remains clean. Im in the process of adding them to another NOB filter

A Sump Must

I was inspired after watching Cory build the sump for the 800gal, to build one for my 100gal pleco tank. I have never worked with bio rings before, and I can't believe what I have been missing! They offer so much surface area, constructed very well, and come in a sturdy bag! They keep the water polished clean and I love knowing my tank is overall healthier! Shipping was Amazon Prime fast, and although my box looked like it had been chucked off a building, the bio rings were all intact! Love this addition to my sump and will definitely be ordering more in the future!

Bio rings

I saw Cory’s YouTube video on how to hot rod your hang on the back filter. I added bio rings, a bigger corse sponge, and a fine flossing filter. The system is working great. The shipment arrived quickly. In fact, I have a shipment of other goodies in transit right now from Aquarium Co-Op!