Bucephalandra 'Kedagang' Tissue Culture

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  • Rare rhizome plant that's sustainably farm-raised
  • Dark green, oblong leaves with wavy edges
  • 100% clean with no algae, duckweed, or snails

This gorgeous aquarium plant has wavy-edged, oblong leaves that are about 2.5 inches (6 cm) long and 0.5–0.75 inch (1–2 cm) wide. The deep green leaves are speckled with small, white dots and have an iridescent blue sheen, which contrasts beautifully with the dark red rhizomes. As one of the faster growing buce species, the plant can reach 4–8 inches (10–20 cm) in height with good light and nutrition.

The easy care requirements for buce plants are very similar to anubias — just add low light and liquid aquarium fertilizer. The rhizome should not be covered or buried in the substrate, so attach the plant to hardscape using a small dab of super glue gel on the roots. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alan A. (Graham, WA, US)
Strong plant

This plant has a nice coloring to it. I glued it to a rock and it is acclimating to the tank. It looks very strong and hardy.
I’ve ordered many items from Co op, so I’m looking forward to what this plant will look like full grown.

Collin S.K. (Frederick, MD, US)
Beautiful plant

I was curious about tissue cultures. Couldn't be easier to prep the plant. It is beautiful and look forward to seeing it flourish in my tank!

Sam M. (Camden, NJ, US)
Great plant!

Came in looking fine, cleaned off the roots and glued it onto my hard scape! Plant is now enjoying high light and some co2!

Patrick (Seaford, NY, US)
The king of Buce!

This is the best species of Buce in my opinion. Certainly a gorgeous plant and the fastest growing Buce that I’ve played with. And this is really the only way to buy this plant, in tissue culture. People done realize they’re getting a $100 worth of Buce, it’ll take a few months but if you have the patience you’ll be rewarded. Also a very hardy plant. I currently have two cups worth in a low ph tank, around 5.7-6 and it’s doing well. It’s so versatile it’ll thrive in most situations.

Sandra L. (Palatine, IL, US)
Buce Kedagang

This is the first tissue culture plant that I have bought. I was able to get 3 good size plants to put on 3 different rocks. I was able to place them in my 75 gal in three different spots with different lighting and it seems they all are doing great! Such a cute plant love it!