Bucephalandra 'Needle Leaf' Tissue Culture

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  • Rare nano plant with small, elongated leaves
  • Farm-raised and not wild-harvested 
  • 100% clean with no algae, duckweed, or snails

This rare and beautiful aquarium plant has small, elongated leaves about 0.5–0.75 inch (1–2 cm) long. The deep green leaves are speckled with small, white dots and have slightly wavy edges, whereas the new rhizome growth has a lovely red hue. Expect this slow-growing bucephalandra to reach about 1–2 inches (3–5 cm) in height.

The easy care requirements for buce plants are very similar to anubias — just add low light and liquid aquarium fertilizer. The rhizome should not be covered or buried in the substrate, so attach the plant to hardscape using a small dab of super glue gel on the roots. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Kyla (Lacey, WA, US)
Perfect Plant

This plant was so beautiful and healthy despite the extreme heat outside. It was perfectly packaged and there wasn't a singe broken leaf. It came exactly as shown in the picture.

Rob M. (Reno, NV, US)
Nice plant.

Arrived as expected, very lush. Unfortunately, mass die off after putting in tank, but I'll chalk that up to my tank. It may recover, we'll see in a few months.

Ker9221 (Cedar Rapids, IA, US)
Best tissue I've gotten!

I've been criticized tissue cultures from aqu coop before. But these were awesome. Hands down would buy again. More plants than I could count. I honestly had to pull wood and rock from tanks I didnt plane to. Just so I didnt waste any. A good problem to have for a slow grower.

A.O. (Brigham City, UT, US)
Awesome little plant!

It came in a very tight clump that I was able to separate into 4 or 5 smaller clumps! I love these micro plants!

Steven C. (Millington, TN, US)
Wonderful little plant.

This worked out perfectly in my new aquascape project. Used it between rocks in the foreground and not only looks great, but started growing very fast. Thank you for the best service in the business.