Carbon Infused Media Pad

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  • Carbon Removes Impurities and Odors
  • Easy to Cut to Size of Your Filter
  • Keeps Water Clean and Clear

Our Carbon Infused Media Pads are great for removing discoloration, toxic waste or chemicals, medication and odors from your aquarium water. When added to your filter, it also helps to polish and clarify the water in your tank. This filter pad works similarly to loose activated carbon media, but much easier to handle and manage. It can easily be be cut down to the size of your filter for a perfect fit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Amber M. (Flint, TX, US)
Carbon filter pad

Great price and the pad is huge! It will last me a long time. Very easy to cut to fit for HOB filters. Easy to clean also.

Anna E. (Apopka, FL, US)
Love it!

The size is perfect and customizable for my HOB filter just cutting the pad with scissors. This is a great product and the blogs from aquarium co op helped me figure out it’s placement and purpose in my filter since I’m new to the hobby!! Thanks!

George M. (Seattle, WA, US)

this is very easy to use. Cut to shape to fit canister filter , good to go.

Bea (Coxsackie, NY, US)
My new favorite

Cutting these up to fit filters in every tank! Had the first ones in over a month. Easy to rinse and squeeze out collected gunk. Clearly will last a heck of a lot longer than the manufacturer’s filter pads. Maybe years.
Been keeping fish since the late 70’s so I’m a big fan of activated charcoal/carbon as a filtration medium. Would definitely recommend!

Taylor S. (Buffalo, NY, US)
Solid product at a solid cost

After introduction to my filter process with my tropical freshwater tank I noticed improved stability and water clarity with reduced tank scent. The fish are loving it and appearing more active now 3 weeks later.