Crinum Calamistratum

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  • Tall Growing
  • Easy Care
  • Unique Leaf Texture

Crinum Calamistratum is a unique plant which grows from a bulb and produces very narrow, ruffled leaves that are dark green in color. It can grow quite tall which makes it a great plant to keep in the background of your aquarium, though it could serve very well as a centerpiece because of it's interesting appearance.

Crinum plants will do best in at least medium lighting and are extremely slow growing. Not a plant for frequent propagation, but a must have for any plant lover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 305 reviews
Ken J. (Arlington, TX, US)
Plant arrived looking great

I have put in one of the easy planters and seems to be doing very well so far.

Tyler (Harrington, DE, US)
Wild Looking Plant!

Love the way its so unique from other plants. Arrived healthy and is doing great!

Laura (Commerce City, CO, US)
Its so unique I had to buy another!

It melted away but roots are still healthy. I’m waiting for it to make a recovery.

Raymond L. (Monroe, MI, US)

Bulb arrived in perfect shape.

Bob G. (Edmonds, WA, US)
Add some interest

Cronin Calamistratum’s tentacle like arms are the perfect plant to attract viewer interest in the front of your tank. Every visitor to my media room is drawn to comment on it.