Crinum Calamistratum

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  • Tall Growing
  • Easy Care
  • Unique Leaf Texture

Crinum Calamistratum is a unique plant which grows from a bulb and produces very narrow, ruffled leaves that are dark green in color. It can grow quite tall which makes it a great plant to keep in the background of your aquarium, though it could serve very well as a centerpiece because of it's interesting appearance.

Crinum plants will do best in at least medium lighting and are extremely slow growing. Not a plant for frequent propagation, but a must have for any plant lover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 285 reviews
Sasha M. (Sacramento, CA, US)
Fun plant!

I named him Fredrick. He was SO tiny now look at him! He is definitely going to need a Fredricka!

Greg M. (Tucker, GA, US)
Beautiful Plant

The plant was great on arrival. I planted it and it melted and died within a month. I don't think I planted it too low, but it may not have liked the water parameters. Not sure, but I will definitely try it again.

San D.S. (Escondido, CA, US)
Unique and Hardy

This unique little plant came with a few brown leaf ends. I snipped them off and followed the instructions for planting it. It began putting out new leaves immediately. They are getting longer and longer and wave around slightly in the current like it always wants all of the attention.

Marilynn C. (Honolulu, HI, US)
Unique West African plant thriving in Honolulu

I have gotten several plants from the Coop and all have arrived beautiful and healthy. I was intrigued by the unique look of the Crinum but hesitated because of my lower light set up. After three weeks though it is thriving and starting to grow. If it’s calling your name, give it a try!

Amber (Lebanon, PA, US)
Nice crinum

I received a crinum in my order, and it looks great! Very happy to add it to my planted 10g, it's definitely eye catching with its unique leaf shape.