Crushed Coral 1 Pound

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  • Raises pH
  • Increases KH to Buffer pH
  • Adds Some Hardness to Water

Crushed coral is a great tool for raising the pH of your water. We use it at 1 pound of crushed coral per 10 gallons of water when mixed in with our gravel. Crushed coral dissolves continuously over time. The lower your pH is, the faster it dissolves. As the pH rises, it slows down how fast the coral dissolves. Crushed coral adds a bit of hardness to the water and it significantly boosts KH which buffers pH from swinging.

Customer Reviews

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Waquar A. (Denton, TX, US)
Perfect and comes with peace of mind

The crushed corals to raise pH, boost KH of water for my African cichlids is awesome. Additionally, it comes with peace of mind — it comes from the Aquarium coop, a place that is reliable — after all, I cannot put my fishes through stress and experimentations of unreliable markaetplace that is a hit or a miss. Aquarium coop is a trusted name, a go to place for anything related to fishes.

Maria A. (Laurel, MD, US)
I like buying for this place

I love watching the youtube channel.

Sheree G. (Denver, CO, US)

Crushed Coral 1 Pound

Eric W. (Cumming, GA, US)
Fixed my pH right up!

Needed to balance out my driftwood in my 7 gallon freshwater tank. This is the smallest bag I could find of crushed coral, and it worked great!

Eunice (Fullerton, CA, US)
It's perfect!

Very fast shipping! My tank cycle has been crashing due to the low PH. Thanks to Aquarium Co-op's crushed coral and the meshed bags, my PH has been stable the next day and I am almost done with my cycle. I will be ordering more and definitely recommend!