Cryptocoryne Lucens

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  • Slow Growing
  • Low Light
  • Carpeting

Cryptocoryne lucens grows to about 3 inches typically. It makes a great foreground to midground plant due to its smaller size. Crypt lucens does well under low light and grows fairly slowly.

It will send out runners as it grows and will eventually form a dense, bushy carpet of narrow, bright green leaves even without high light. But, it takes quite a bit of time. For a faster carpet effect, use multiple pots of Cryptocoryne lucens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 263 reviews
John M. (Dickson, TN, US)

The crypt arrived in great condition and is already showing new growth.

Christopher S.
Very impressed.

Arrived in excellent condition. I have heard so much about the dreaded crypt melt, but have not experienced it with this or the lutea that I purchased.

Ryan P. (Duluth, MN, US)
Beautiful plant!

One of my favorite plants I’ve gotten and it took to my aquarium beautifully

Amanda U. (Clayton, NC, US)
Good purchase

This plant arrived in good shape and has thrived since planting. It is shooting out runners and has new growth already, would recommend.

Ginger C. (Iron River, MI, US)
Crypt Lucens

This is one of my favorite crypts. I received healthy, beautiful plants!

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