Cryptocoryne Lutea

Scientific Name: Cryptocoryne lutea

Care Level: Easy

Temperature Range: 68° - 82°

Description: Mid height crypt

This is an easy to grow low light plant. It can "melt" back when you get it or during shipping. Crypts are known to melt their leaves when they change environment and then come back from their roots. These plants really benefit from root tabs.

 * Due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured, shipments may vary in size *


Customer Reviews

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Two thumbs up.

Fantastic customer service. Great packaging. Way more amount of plant than expected. Very healthy plant.


The plants arrived in perfect condition and I was able to divide them which was nice . It filled up a corner of my aquarium. The plants are now sending out runners ,and growing bigger.The only problem I had with the plants was my yo-yos were digging up the roots with their little noses they were having fun. But now the plants are so much bigger that they are not digging them up anymore LOL

Great plants

Have ordered them three times now, and they come quickly, well packaged, and do great. Thanks, Aquarium Co-op !

Received Crypt. Lucens instead of Crypt. Lutea

I ordered Crypt. Lutea but received Crypt. Lucens. Not a big deal because the Crypt. Lucens look great and are doing well. The product gets 5 stars. I recently ordered Crypt. Lutea from the Black Friday promotion, and am looking forward to receiving. Became interested as a result of Cory's blog in Oct.

5 star quality

Juat as cory says, first few leaves die off, but it bounces back in a big way. Currently thriving, month after planting, in 3 tanks. Came with about 3 plantable bundles of roots.

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