Dwarf Chain Sword

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  • Carpeting Plant
  • Easy to Grow
  • Spreads Quickly

Dwarf chain sword or pygmy chain sword is one of the easiest carpeting plants. It grows to about 4 inches tall and has a grassy appearance. It will thrive if given medium to high lighting and will fill in pretty fast once it gets established.

Dwarf chain sword will self-propagate by sending out runners all across your aquarium substrate. The new baby plants can be trimmed off and replanted or left to grow out naturally.

Note: The leaves may experience melting when first planted. See the Directions section below on how to help them recover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Zachary P. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Amazing as always

Another order another great plant. Quick delivery, healthy plant and little to no melt

Bryon (King George, VA, US)
Awesome plants

This is the second time I've purchased plants from here. Both times they have arrived in great shape and have thrived in my tank.

Bri (Philadelphia, PA, US)
My love for planted tanks

Ordered a few plants with this order. Keep in mind I live in Upstate NY. Shipping has never taken longer than 3 days, completely amazing.
The Dwarf chain sword looked a little rough out of the package, but after a week in my 75 it started shooting runners and continues to thrive. The Co-Op is the only place I buy plants from now.

Nick (Killeen, TX, US)
Considerably surprised at how well they rebound

Surprisingly, even though the main plant was dying and the off shoot was considerably large, I wasn't expecting much out of this plant, especially when I took it out of the bag and the off shoot snapped off of the runner, but after 2ish weeks and a root tab I can say it's definitely out preforming the other 2 dwarf chains with it's consistent growth, the other 2 are growing quite well but also sending runners out so they don't look as good, especially since I'm leaving the brown leaves on the plant so it can absorb as much energy as it can from the old leaves

Gerald (Calvert City, KY, US)
5 stars for DOA? You betcha!

I ordered Dwarf Chain Sword among other things and they came in terrible. Not melted...dead. Transparent leaves, black rotted roots and all.
I was disappointed but not too surprised as our weather had taken an unforseen turn to "hot as blazes".
This review is 5 stars even with dead plants because of the AMAZING Candy O.

Candy is the CSR for Aquarium Co-op and is the unsung hero of this company. I emailed customer service (not asking for anything!) just to let them know what had happened and to let them know about our unseasonably hot weather before I placed another order.
Within minutes I had a reply from Candy offering refund, replacement, or credit. I did not ask for anything (how can you blame the Co-op for weather?) but was given an instant credit for the damaged plants.
The kind of service I received is unmatched by any other company in our industry!
Thank you Candy and the whole Co-op team for what you do!