Dwarf Chain Sword

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  • Carpeting Plant
  • Easy to Grow
  • Spreads Quickly

Dwarf chain sword or pygmy chain sword is one of the easiest carpeting plants. It grows to about 4 inches tall and has a grassy appearance. It will thrive if given medium to high lighting and will fill in pretty fast once it gets established.

Dwarf chain sword will self-propagate by sending out runners all across your aquarium substrate. The new baby plants can be trimmed off and replanted or left to grow out naturally.

Note: The leaves may experience melting when first planted. See the Directions section below on how to help them recover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 267 reviews
Marsha K. (Germantown, OH, US)
They get ALL the Stars 🤩

Our Dwarf Chain Sword plants from Aquarium Co-op arrived, just as promised, the very next day after we placed the order. They are green and healthy looking, as are all the other plants in the order. Also very nicely packaged. I planted them in our 70 gallon tank. Now it's a couple days later and they are taking hold and looking good. We are very pleased and will definitely be ordering from Aquarium Co-op again. Soon. Thanks!

Pam H. (Germantown, TN, US)
sword is taking off

The little sword arrived and acclimated very well. Started puttig off chains right away!

Shannon C. (Albia, IA, US)
Plant looks great

Just the thing I needed to fill out the empty spots in my aquarium!

C.C. (New York, NY, US)
Fast growing with nutrient substrate and good lighting in low-tech tank

Came in a free, re-usable, insulated pouch without a heat pack to the east coast in March. The plants came with a mix of mostly emersed (broader and longer arrow shaped leaves) and some submerged (narrower and shorter leaves) growth. They also had emersed seed pod stems, which I trimmed off prior to planting. At least half of the pots had runners attached (free bonus plants!). The plants starting converting quickly, putting out new submerged leaves within a day or two and I've been gradually trimming the emersed leaves as they started melting or attracting algae. Some of the plants started to send out new runners within a week of planting. Would highly recommend as a low tech carpeting option as long as you have a nutrient-rich substrate and/or root tabs with decent lighting. Have not experienced any permanent melting/loss of the original plants thus far.

Dean (Atlanta, GA, US)
Health and Strong

These plants arrived nice and Green and healthy looking. I was very pleased with them.