Dwarf Hairgrass

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  • Carpeting plant
  • Medium light
  • Creates a lawn

Dwarf hairgrass is a moderately easy plant to grow. Many aquarists use dwarf hairgrass to achieve a lawn type of effect because of its thin, grass-like leaves, though this requires medium to high lighting.

Dwarf hairgrass propagates itself by sending out runner plants. If left to grow, it will form a lush carpet in your aquarium. Definitely a popular choice in the hobby.

Customer Reviews

Based on 387 reviews
Kyle R. (Edwards, CO, US)
Great plant

Was worried it wouldn't come alive after suprise storms hit the area, but they so kindly included a liner and the plants came alive and healthy.

Patrick S. (Knoxville, TN, US)
Excellent product!

It’s apparent the aquarium co-op team takes great care and pride in growing their plants. Arrived in insulated packaging and in great shape. Can’t wait to order my next plant!

Muhammad U. (Redmond, WA, US)
Very healthy plants

Bough a dwarf grass and routela, they carry very healthy plants. Recommended

Kay B. (Killeen, TX, US)
Dwarf Hairgrass

Like every plant Aquarium CoOp sales, it is a good thing. You won't buy from any where else.

Sam L. (Bothell, WA, US)
Good grass

Grows well and easy to keep. Looks great in any tank