Dwarf Sagittaria

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  • Propagates Easily by Runners
  • Carpeting Plant
  • Hard Water Tolerant 

Sagittaria subulata or Dwarf Sag is a great plant for aquarists new to planted tanks. It is relatively undemanding and will spread easily to form an eye-catching, grass-like carpet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 449 reviews
Zane (Madison, AL, US)
Fast grower

Shipped perfectly fine, was quick to send runners put after being planted

Elizabeth F. (Hoffman Estates, IL, US)
Useful Plant

Dwarf sag can be that wavy, leafy plant in the middle or front of a larger tank. Or, vallisneria lime in the back of a small tank.

karl m. (Washington, DC, US)

Plants arrived healthy and growing fast

Mark S. (Evansville, IN, US)
Plant is Healthy and Packed Nicely!

Very good and green condition. Aquarium Co-Op's plant packing and quality is 2nd to none.

My only gripe about Aquarium Co-Op is their continued loyalty to USPS, who is third or 4th to all. Aquarium Co-Op has shipped all of my orders same day every time, but USPS has yet to get them to me by their own (USPS) estimated delivery date all three times. And two of them involved weekends (extending it longer) and contained plants. I won't even go into USPS and a Lithium Ion product.

I now have a heavily planted tank, but only a few of those plants came from Aquarium Co-Op. And that is only because of them using USPS.

Laura K. (San Jose, CA, US)

Plant came healthy as well packaged as usual. Planted in sand with root tabs and is already showing new growth. A+