Dwarf Sagittaria

Dwarf Sagittaria is a great plant for aquarists new to planted tanks, it is relatively undemanding and will propagate readily to form an easy grass-like carpet.

Scientific Name: Sagittaria subulata

Light Requirements: Low - Medium

Placement: Foreground - Background, Carpeting

Biotope:South America

Nutrient Intake:Root Feeder


***Sizes will vary from each shipment. Plants can be larger or smaller than the picture shown.***

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Dwarf Sagittaria

A great plant, great people, great service. Thank you Aquarium Coop. You offer some of the best, high quality plants!

grows well in sand substrate

mine is growing and spreading well in CaribSea sunset gold sand.

Professional Service

Answered emails from day one and was very responsive to every inquiry. Gave recommendations even if product was not sold by shop. Trusted the input which made mu choice to purchase easy. New to aquarium keeping and feel I got a good deal with some expertise. Will buy again.

Great care put into shipping

The plants were bundled in moist cloth and padded very well. Heat packs were included also. Needles to say, my Dwarf Sagittaria looked great when it arrived and looks great in the tank!

Very Pleased

I was a little concerned about shipping live plants being this cold. But I needed plants. I live in Montana a mile high and it drops below freezing at night. To top it off, the USPS kinda "lost" the package and instead of being here on Thursday as originally scheduled, it arrived on Monday. That means it spent Sunday in a warehouse at the reginal USPS center. Not only were we below freezing, we got a cold snap and it was below zero.

Well, it has been planted 5 days now. There is significant growth of several leaves already! I'm very pleased.

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