Easy Fry and Small Fish Food

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  • Easy Squeeze Bottle for Fast Feeding
  • High Protein
  • Refillable

After many years of breeding fish and running a large fish rooms and fish stores, I developed this food and method for fast feeding of Fry and Small fish. With the easy squeeze bottle, feeding is now a one-handed operation and your other hand can manage your aquarium tops without difficulty. With all the time saved, you can feed a high protein food several times a day which leads to much faster growing fish, more intense coloration and more babies. If you have large aquariums or ponds, you can cut the opening larger to feed more with each squeeze.

Customer Reviews

Based on 879 reviews
Mark M. (Auburn, IN, US)
Easy Fry

Great food for baby fish, my Guppies go nuts for it… Wouldn’t use anything else.

Rachele G. (Sioux City, IA, US)
Small Fry Food

This is the best food for my small Fish
They just love it

Carol Y. (Apex, NC, US)
Everyone gets some!

And yes it is EASY! I have a 125 gal. Neocaridina and ramshorn snail planted aquarium and often the snails will kind of hoard the food by covering it with their big fat bodies, this food works perfectly for getting to everyone. Thank you Aquarium Co-op for all the great service. I love knowing that what I order is going to be exactly what I expect it to be!

Ray (Hemet, CA, US)
Pretty neat and easy!

Thought this was more along the lines of Hikari's Micro Pellet, which i'm used to feeding all my tanks, I like to "throw" a few so they sink instantly for the bottom feeders. This is very much similar to Hikari's First Bites, a flake that floats and eventually sinks, that one I would tweeze and then swish in the water. So i'll try learning to just squeeze some of this in and hoping for the best, but i'm sure my OCD will get over it, and all fish will get fed.

The kicker to this food is that it has far better ingredients than both of those foods (Spirulina is quite hard to find and Spectrum is extremely pricey over time).

Overall, pretty easy to feed, endlers and guppies love it. Going to test on my CPDs and Pygmy Cory when the tank is almost out of this run of Soilent Green.

Vickey A. (Chico, CA, US)

Easy Fry and Small Fish Food