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  • Hole in the Bottom Center Allows Plant Roots to Reach Substrate
  • Works in Bare Bottom Tanks
  • Keeps Fish From Digging Up Plants

These planters great for setting up an easy aquascape. They allow you to move the plants as often as you want and keeps fish from digging up your plants. They are especially great for goldfish and African cichlid tanks. 

Customer Reviews

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Trent (Cleveland, OH, US)
Loving Them

I was skeptical at first because they looked way larger than I thought. Got 4 for my 29 gallon and they look amazing. Even the Cory cats love swimming between them. Will definitely buy more of these

Brandi A. (Garland, UT, US)

Super easy and perfect for my fish tank.

Delia C. (Antioch, CA, US)
Great little decoration!

Works great and it looks awesome! I bought two and put them together. Great solution to the potted plant dilemma!

Planter rock

I have bought a few of these. I put 1 in my 10 gallon as a center piece with a java fern. Its beautiful. My shrimp love it. I finally got brave enough to put 2 plants in my 55 with pearl my my rescue a white giant goldfish who is close to a foot long and gobbles up everything. Her owners left her to die in a 5 gallon bucket. I couldn't allow it. She can have no tank mates cuz she eats their food too. I was scared she would shred the plants and thought the planter rock would maybe stop her. I put them in with a root tab in each basket put the light on them and watched close. Incase i had to rescue them. She raced over. Tried to rip one out of the pot. Got a big mouth full of the cotton wool and spit it out and has not tried again. Im so happy. I wanted to give her a beautiful home too with live plants. Im so thankful you sell these. I can do that now for her. Even when she rests at night she goes right next to the plants to nap. Opposite side of aquarium then she used too so she must love them too. Thank you again. I recommend these for the giant piggy fish.

Mike M. (Beaumont, CA, US)

This is really cool I'm planning on buying a couple more keeps. The plant organized other fish can't dig it up dig up plants

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