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  • Hole in the Bottom Center Allows Plant Roots to Reach Substrate
  • Works in Bare Bottom Tanks
  • Keeps Fish From Digging Up Plants

These planters great for setting up an easy aquascape. They allow you to move the plants as often as you want and keeps fish from digging up your plants. They are especially great for goldfish and African cichlid tanks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 442 reviews
Anthony P. (Hammonton, NJ, US)
Easy Planter

I purchased 2 Easy Planters and had them in two community tanks but I wanted to try live plants in my mbuna tank but of course they dig like crazy and uproot everything so I am trying two easy planters in the mduna tank to see how the plants make out. It's been a couple of weeks and so far so good! I'll see how it goes but either way I love the easy planters

Cherise B. (Clayton, NC, US)
Love it.

This is a great option when you don't want to attach anubias to driftwood. I'd have more if my tank was bigger. 😊

KW (Lake Saint Louis, MO, US)
Looks great!

These planters look great in my tank…very realistic looking rock. Also it provides a very easy way to plant your plants, just drop them in. I would definitely purchase for real plants.

Customer (Lausanne, VD, CH)

Vallisneria has finally survived over a month in my tank. It’s even sending out runners through the hole in the bottom!

Sandra H. (Providence, RI, US)
The Best

Good quality and fast service thank you I love my plants 🌱🥰🥰