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Super food for rooted plants

I decided to get this along with the easy green liquid fertilizer due to have various plants that either were planted or just floated in my tank. After inserting them with my trusty tools because there no way to get them in delicately with your fingers due to being sticky once it hits the water they worked well. They were a little tricky to get them to stay properly but once you got them good and buried you are good to go and will notice some nice growth. Mine has been just OK but not due to the fault of the root tabs just not having the greatest light even for low level plants. But that is going to change very soon. I plan to buy these again when the time comes and anticipate a promo code to get them cheaper!! Thanks again Aquarium Co-op!

Easy root tabs

Thank you Aquarium Co-op for offering such a great product. Within days of using these tabs I saw a noticeable difference in my plants. From now on I will be ordering all of my fertilizers from Aquarium Co-op

A great solution

I chose play sand as a substrate for my planted aquarium. I needed a simple and effective way to add nutrients to my substrate. I followed the instructions given and have achieved phenominal results. I highly recommend this product. My plants are thriving.

excellent root feeder

Makes a big difference for all my plants. Easy to use.

Easy to insert with large tweezers

This is my first time using root tabs. I saw the other reviews about the tabs being slippery. I personally didn't have any trouble inserting them into Eco-Complete, and the rougher substrate kept the tabs from floating out. I also used larger tweezers, which did a great job of gripping. No complaints so far; my rooted plants are doing great!