Marina Glass Thermometer

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Floating Thermometer

  • Suction Cup included
  • For Fresh or Saltwater use
  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Safety Zone indicator for most tropical fish
  • Protect your fish from unsafe temperatures 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Can't have enough!

I have one of these in every single tank I own. They work great! I didn't like the green area at first, but like today when its close to 0 F outside, I like to be able to quickly glance while I walk by my tanks that are by windows first thing in the morning. I'm not looking for a specific temp, just to see that its not fluctuated out of the green zone. So in the end, that's a feature that I have come to appreciate. These are $8.99 at my local fish store and $4.99-$6 at my local Petco's. So while you're ordering from Cory, don't forget to throw one or two of these in your cart before checking out. That's what I do.

Not bad

Love that it is tiny, but that means the numbers and tick marks are really small. Just like any suction cups they eventually fail. It does float. Seems reasonably concordant to the temp reading on my TDS meter. It is time better than those ones you stick to outside of tank.