Fritz Zyme 7 Live Bacteria (Freshwater)

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  • Quickly establishes beneficial bacteria in new aquariums and speeds up the aquarium cycling process
  • Helps prevent fish loss
  • Fortifies beneficial bacteria in established aquariums

Fritz Zyme 7 is live bacteria in a bottle. Adding it to your aquarium will help increase the beneficial bacteria count. In a new aquarium this helps in establishing the bacteria that breaks down fish waste, meaning you can add fish to your new aquarium sooner. In an established aquarium, it helps if you are adding additional fish or increasing the amount of food that you are feeding.

Do you already have an established aquarium? Fritz Zyme 7 can be helpful when adding new fish or livestock to your aquarium. Fritz Zyme 7 will also help rebuild the beneficial bacteria population after a power outage, after you have done a deep cleaning (where beneficial bacteria can be disrupted during the cleaning process), and after you have changed filter cartridges or filters. Fritz Zyme 7 can also be used after you have changed water and finished medicating an aquarium to help reestablish beneficial bacteria.

Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Natoha (Argyle, TX, US)
Fritz Zyme 7 live bacteria

Ya, it worked great to get my new tank ready to add fish faster.
Quickly establishes beneficial bacteria in new aquariums and speeds up the aquarium cycling process and still check your water every day and away you go getting your tank up and running. It worked for my tank very happy with it. Thanks Aquarium co-op for all the great products you have for us fish nuts.

ALQ (San Juan, PR)
Fast shipping and cycled tanks

Product was shipped and arrived fast (not a common thing here) , also it managed to complete a fishless cycle in a week. Im veru satisfied with this purchase.

John M. (Windsor, CO, US)
Fritz 7

Used this product in helping to start cycle of 2 new tanks (am switching back to under gravel filtration in all tanks) in addition to cycled sponge filter, a few plants and small amount of mulm from other tanks. I do trust this product.
As usual, Aquarium Co-op delivered very quickly and all contents packaged very well. Every experience with this crew has been a good one!

Nancy M. (St Louis, MO, US)
Fritz Zyme 7

Great product! Always good to have around. Especially if you have multiple tank syndrome.

Anne W. (Henderson, CO, US)
Great for cycling new tanks

Even though I usually put a cycled sponge filter in my new tanks, I always like to dose some Fritz Zyme7 as soon as I start adding fish. It's like extra insurance to help keep the biological filtration stable, even when the bioload is fluctuating. I haven't tested a lot of bottled bacteria, but this brand always works well for me and I don't get a lot of problems with cloudy water from bacterial blooms.