Hikari Crab Cuisine


$ 4.99 


Cory's Note: These are great for feeding all different types of shrimp, as well as snails and crayfish. Fortified with calcium to help inverts thrive.

  • High levels of vegetable matter that algae eaters prefer and love
  • High in stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health.
  • Highly balanced nutrition
  • Unique Disc Shape Allows Easy Access
  • Will not dissolve nor cloud the water
  • Great for saltwater fish too

Guaranteed Analysis 

 Crude Protein min. 31%
Crude Fat min. 4.0%
Crude Fiber max. 3.0%
Moisture max 10%
Ash max. 11%
Phosphorus min. 0.7%
Vitamin A min. 19,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 min. 2,900 IU/kg
Vitamin E min 610 IU/kg
Ascorbic Acid 430 mg/kg
Calcium min. 0.7%