Hikari Fancy Guppy

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Cory's Note: This food has extra fats in it to help female livebearers produce fry and for fry to grow faster. A great food to be used by all livebearer enthusiasts.

  • Bio-technology helps us create a pellet that becomes soft quickly yet does not dissolve in water. High in palatability, your fish are eager to devour.
  • The multivitamins encapsulated within each granule guarantees your pet will get full nutrition we know they need for good health.
  • The "Micro Coating" eliminates nutrition leaking and water clouding.
  • Linolenic acid promotes growth, health and improves the natural breeding habits of Guppies.
  • Chitosan extracted from crustaceans and iodine derived from seaweed improve the overall condition of your pet.

Guarenteed Analysis

Crude Protein min. 50%
Crude Fat min. 8.0%
Crude Fiber max. 2.0%
Moisture max. 10%
Ash max. 18%
Phosphorus min. 1.0%
Vitamin A min. 19,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 min. 2,800 IU/kg
Vitamin E min. 850 IU/kg
Ascorbic Acid min. 340 mg/kg

Customer Reviews

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My guppies love this food. I would recommend it to anyone else with guppies.

Great food & excellent service

My guppies & platies seem to really enjoy this food. I put in some flake food & also fed them some of this Hikari Guppy food. They quit eating the flakes & devoured the Hikari.
Also, Aquarium Co-Op shipped these quickly & received them within a couple of days.

Small size perfect for my small fish

My fish seem to love it so I also like it.


My guppies and endlers go wild for it, and the corys love whatever hits the bottom. A nice clean food.

They eat it

Bought for some hybrid endlers. It’s a bit large for new babies but anything over a week old seems to eat it ok and they get pretty excited when I feed it.