Hikari Freeze Dried Spirulina Brine Shrimp

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  • Protein-Packed Treat
  • Free of Harmful Parasites and Bacteria
  • Vitamin Enriched for Healthy Growth

Hikari multi-vitamin enriched freeze dried spirulina brine shrimp is a treat most fish love. For a dry food, it mimics live food exceptionally well offering very similar taste and texture. But, the freeze-drying process ensures this food is free of parasites and harmful bacteria. It is full of protein and spirulina algae which offers many vitamins and minerals. Unique cube shape will hydrate once placed in water and rapidly separate out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Cody S. (Woodbridge, VA, US)
Good and bad but still good

I serve this in a tetra community tank, angle fish tank, pea puffer tank and nano tank with shrimp. They all go pretty nuts for it. I serve it pressed to the tank glass for the mid level feeders and/or let it crumble apart in the flow of my filters for my top feeders.
The “cubes” come in misc sizes most averaging the size of a US dime. I kinda like that because if I’m doing a light feeding I just go for the smaller cubes or for a heavy feed I grab a US nickel size.

My current mix of foods for my tanks are Hikari freeze dryed bloodworms, Xtreme krill flakes, Xtream community pellets, Xtream alge wafers, frozen blood worms, frozen krill, live black worms and this new product. I haven’t noticed any tank unbalance and the health of the fish remain the same nice coloring.

I actually had to opt for this over the new Co-op line of foods. But I’m still satisfied with what I’m working with.

Scott B. (Leavenworth, KS, US)
Really good

My fish like it lot

Jose M. (Tegucigalpa, FM, HN)
Excellent food!

My aquatic fauna just loves it. :)

Ashley S. (Idaho Falls, ID, US)
Everyone loves it!

I give these to my Yoyo Loach + Dwarf Gourami tank as a treat and they absolutely love them. The loaches like them so much they will bop around the top of the tank to get to it.

Brent (Denver, CO, US)
Fish love it.

Every fish in my tanks love this food.