Hikari Micro Pellets

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  • Ideal Veggie and Protein Mix for Small Fish
  • Naturally Enhances Color
  • Easy for Fish to Digest

Micro Pellets from Hikari are a great staple food for community tanks with smaller sized fish such as tetras, danios, and rasboras. Developed with the ideal balance of protein and vegetables to keep your fish healthy and happy. A mix of Krill and Spirulina offers vivid coloration as well. This is a semi-floating, slow sinking pellet which allows fish at all levels of the water column a chance at this tasty food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Theresa B. (Elk Grove, CA, US)

All the fish in my communal tank (Betta, Pigmy Cory & Harlequin Rasbora) love the micro pellets. I follow Cory’s (owner) recommendation of offering a variety of different foods over the week. Keeps all the fish happy.

George M. (Murrieta, CA, US)
Great product

My fish absolutely love these.

Julian S. (Hesperia, CA, US)
Favorite fish food

All my fish absolutely love this food, I’ll definitely be buying more soon.

Morgan L. (Northbrook, IL, US)

Hikari Micro Pellets

Bill (Manteno, IL, US)
Danios and Tetras love these

I feed these to both my tank with Danios and tank with Black Neon Tetras, and both go crazy for these. Amano Shrimp also sometimes steal one and run off with it :)