Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets

These pellets are much smaller than Massivore pellets. Great treats for corydoras and other bottom dwellers. Higher in protein.

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Everybody in the tank LOVES these!!

The ONLY pellets we've found that our frogs LOVE!!! So do the fish, the cories, the plecos, and the loaches!!! Will definitely buy this product again!!!

Hikari pellets

This is what they really wanted. I have seen several different sizes of new bronze cory cats since we started feeding the pellets. Thanks

Works as recommended!

Co-op staff suggested this for my little frog buddy and it worked perfectly! Sinks quick enough so my betta can't get it, and broken into quarter pieces is a decent bite for my vision-challenged froggy!

This pellet brings all the fish to the yard

Being a relative newb I bought some corys and appropriate feed from my local big box lfs. They took to it alright nibbling at it for a good hour. However after purchasing the Hikari pellets from the coop; all my fish now want to be corys. I can dump a good bit of frozen blood worms or flake food in the tank; but soon as I drop the pellets in all the guppies and neons suddenly start feeding off the substrate. Thanks Hikari obviously a great product and thanks coop for the Tetris worthy packing job. I ordered the food along with a couple sponges and air pump; all came in a small box I thought I got half my order. No all was packaged together which saved me and them I’m sure on shipping. BZ guys I’ll definitely order again!

Good stuff

My fish can be picky but took right to this food

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