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Instant Baby Brine Shrimp

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  • Identical in use and appearance to freshly hatched baby brine shrimp, but the hatching and separation has already been done
  • Ideal food for delicate fish, fish fry and as food for invertebrates. Can be used in both freshwater and marine tanks.
  • Excellent buoyancy so the food remains in the water column to facilitate feeding.
  • The product can be kept and stored at room temperature as long as the bottle has not been opened. To make sure, check for the noise at the moment of opening.


Customer Reviews

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My fish all love it and most of them took to it immediately. My endlers, rosy loaches, and red neon rainbowfish took to it immediately. Another species of pseudomugil took a couple more feedings before they realized it was food and started going after it. Its the perfect size for all but the smallest of my rainbowfish. It does settle at a reasonable rate, so its great for fish that like to feed mid water or from the bottom, but if your fish prefer to exclusively eat from the surface (like my young pseudomugils), you might have a hard time with this.

My fish love it

My blue-eye gertrudes did not pay attention to it right away but after they figured out it was food they loved it.

Great for shrimp

I bought this for my pea puffer, who shows zero interest in it. However, my shrimp went ballistic over it! I imagine fry would love it.


Love this stuff. Actually the fish love it. Just don’t forget to put it into the fridge once it is opened up.


My 20gallon community tank went nuts for them. Love the little serving spoon it came with also. I use it with a lot of very small granular foods. Would/will buy again when needed.