Kasa WiFi Light Timer

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  • Easy To Use App
  • Only Takes Up One Wall Plug
  • Can Be Used With a Variety of Devices

The Kasa/Tp Link Wifi Timer has changed the way we use lighting. We have been running these cell phone app wifi timers in our fish rooms and store for over a year. You can plug many lights into 1 timer by using a power strip. You can also do neat tricks like setting something to turn on every day but not turn off. Why would you do this? Let's say you turn off your filter to feed your aquarium, and typically you do this when you get home from work. You can set the timer to automatically turn the power back on every day at 7pm. 

I use this trick for my own fish room. There are days when I work out in the fish room late, normally my lights turn off at 9pm, but I also have them turn off again at midnight. This way if I'm working late and use the app to turn the lights on, they'll automatically turn off again if I forget and not grow algae. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 257 reviews
Isaiah A. (Rutherford, NJ, US)

Kasa WiFi Light Timer

Chris M.
It's a game changer

The Kasa light timers are awesome I used t have to turn on all my lights manually but once I was able to get the timers life became much easier. They're easy and fast to set up user friendly differently and game changer

Ian H. (Bowling Green, OH, US)

Works flawlessly! The app seemed to be pretty easy to figure out and to set up timers. Everything works exactly as it should and I am very pleased.

Shelly M. (Searcy, AR, US)
LOVE this timer

Our satellite internet is very sketchy, so I wasn’t even sure this timer would work. But it does and I’m so glad I took the step to get it!
I can check the lights on the phone app anytime I want.

Luke (Houston, TX, US)
Does what it says it does

Have only had it for a few weeks but it has quickly become one of the most essential products for my aquariums. Also, great price and the app is great.