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This sponge is great

I bought this sponge for my Aquaclear 110 about 2 years ago. The sponge still looks and works like brand new. I rinse it in the tank water every two weeks, when I do my water changes. It gets dirty fast, from sucking up everything you don't want in your tank. Plus, it's great for biological filration, and safe for fry. I have not found a sponge like this at any LFS.

Great for AquaClear 110

I got this for my AquaClear 110 that I have running on my 75 gallon tank. It adds extra filtration while also keeping small fish and debris from being sucked up into the filter. It’s perfect and I would definitely buy it again!

Large intake sponge for AquaClear110

Using the large intake sponge for the AquaClear110 hang-on-back running on my 40gal turtle tank. The sponge works well straining debris, however I would make the hole in the sponge slightly smaller so it fits tighter on the intake tube. Also the sponge is much coarser than it looks in the picture so it doesn't clog and is easy to clean, but still need to run a finer sponge in the filter. Overall a good versatile investment and much easier than making my own intake sponges out of frozen AC filters, lol.

Very useful item

This perfectly fit the intake on our Topfin 75 HOB, which using this sponge filter and some ceramic rings converted it from cartridges to something much longer lasting. Does a great job trapping debris before it enters the pump and it's a great way to house some good bacteria, always loved sponge filters and this one does the trick.

Love it!

Product came right on time and was much better quality than expected. Ordered the large intake sponge for my Marineland 350 HOB filter and it fits like a glove! Used Cory's hotrod tips for my filter and I'm loving the results.