Large Pre Filter Sponge

These pre filter sponges are designed for canister filters and Aquaclear 70 and 110 filters. Can also work for Aqueon and other larger hang on back filters as well.

Intake hole: 1 1/4 inch

Diameter: 3 1/2 inch

Length: 5 1/2 inch

*Pore size on the foam has a range of pores per square inch based on manufacturing process. The large pre filter is designed to have larger pores to not reduce the flow of a canister filter.



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Intake sponge

Hi i got the marineland 350 fiter i can't find the intake sponge for it

Well Described in Youtube

I decided to try to convert 2 aquariums to have sponge-like intakes on their Aqueon Quietflow 55/75 Power Filters. This product fit the intakes as I hoped, adding to the surface area for bacterial colonies while it prevented clogging of the intake by debris. The coarse weave of these pre-filter sponges is perfect to maintain the 400 gph flow rate on my filters.

Fx6 Intake Sponge

I bought this sponge to for my Fx6 instead of the strainer that comes with the filter. After searching my local fish stores I realized that they did not have a sponge big enough to fit on the intake tubing. They even recommend to cut sponges and make a diy intake sponge. I decided to buy this sponge and remove the strainer all together. The intake tube is a little bit smaller than the hole in the sponge so it must be attached with a zip tie. I would recommend this sponge for anyone looking to upgrade their fx6 intake.

Does the job

Bigger than I thought it was, but it works great for my fluval 406 to catch some of the larger debris. My fish like to pack some off the food off of it as well.

Large pre filter sponge

I like it very much. I’ll definitely be getting more

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