Linear Piston Air Pump

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This style of air pump is what I use to run my personal fish room as well as the retail store. Dean, Randy, and Zenzo also run this pump in their fish rooms. These air pumps are super reliable because they don't use traditional diaphragm technology. These are based on a piston like in a car engine. Because they don't vibrate to generate the air, they are much quieter than diaphragm pumps or blowers meant to put out the same amount of air. Many old fishkeepers have had theirs running for 20+ years without service or problems. The great thing about these pumps is they can be used in series. As your fish room expands you can add another piston pump to it and the air works together, unlike other air pumps that work against each other. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Nick D. (Flint, MI, US)
Best pump I've found

I have a loop in my fishroom and this pump currently runs 18 large sponge filter and could easily do double or triple that. The pump is virtually silent, I can stand right next to it and only hear the bubbles in my tanks. If it last as long as everyone says I'll never buy another pump again.

Edwin T. (Bernville, PA, US)
Great pump!

Absolutely love this pump. Very quiet and can handle a good amount of tanks. Great shipping as well. Even though supply chains are rough this got to me in 3 days from west coast to east coast.

Sherri D. (Ballwin, MO, US)
Linear air pump

Got a loop up and running. Seems to be producing enough air, hope it holds up.

Franklin S. (Basking Ridge, NJ, US)
Best pump ever

Purchased Piston pump to take care of my filter problems. Really works great, handling 25 air filters with no difficulty. Great price for what it does.

Kurtis S. (Sarasota, FL, US)
One air pump, more than 50 tanks

It's running a 1" pvc hoop and it's running more than 50 tanks... mostly 10s and 20s in that room...! So far, so good...!