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Linear Piston Air Pump-Aquarium Co-Op
Linear Piston Air Pump-Aquarium Co-Op
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This style of air pump is what I use to run my personal fish room as well as the retail store. Dean, Randy, and Zenzo also run this pump in their fish rooms. These air pumps are super reliable because they don't use traditional diaphragm technology. These are based on a piston like in a car engine. Because they don't vibrate to generate the air, they are much quieter than diaphragm pumps or blowers meant to put out the same amount of air. Many old fishkeepers have had theirs running for 20+ years without service or problems. The great thing about these pumps is they can be used in series. As your fish room expands you can add another piston pump to it and the air works together, unlike other air pumps that work against each other. 

To install this air pump you run an air loop system around the fish room using pvc and  air valves from that to drop to each aquarium. We are only selling the LPH45 model which puts out 47 liters of air per minute. We find that this is the best size for most people and priced economically.

Unfortunately the question of "how many tanks can this pump run" is tricky. If you have twenty 10 gallon tanks and I have twenty 125 gallon tanks, the pump won't put the same air into each of those setups. The type of air stone used, how deep in the water it has to go,  the layout of the air loop, along with how big of pvc you use (we recommend 1 inch) all play a part. The loose rule that I have developed for my own use of of these style of pumps is 1 airstone per liter of output. This pump roughly handles 47 tanks. Keep in mind if you have all 300 gallon aquariums, it likely can't do 47 of them. And if you have all 5 gallon tanks, you could likely do many more. *You'll need to purchase a barb fitting 3/4 barb to the size of pvc you'll be connecting to.

For lowest sound, mount the pump remotely in a non air tight cabinet or another room like a garage. Most run it in their fish room. If you have watched my videos in my fish room, it's always running in the background and quiet. 

I chose to bring in this air pump to offer to everyone as I believe it's the best air pump that has ever been made. There are lots of other websites selling "linear air piston pumps" which are actually diaphragm pumps. You rest assured we only sell the real thing and they are tried in true by all of us fish nerds. 

Power Consumption 45 Watts
Operating Noise 38 dB Max

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