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  • Increases Filter Capacity
  • Prevents Small Fish and Debris from Getting Sucked Up
  • Uses Coarse Foam to Extend Time Between Cleaning

The pre-filter or intake sponge is a simple foam cylinder that is designed to slip over the intake tube of hang-on-back (HOB) and canister filters. The filter intake tube often has large openings that allow sizable objects to get sucked up by the filter, potentially ruining the motor, so use a pre-filter sponge to help prevent baby fish, dwarf shrimp, little snails, plant leaves, fish food, and other debris from entering the filter. (depending on filters suction, and size of animal, tiny fry/shrimp/snails can still get through in some cases)

An intake sponge also provides valuable surface area to grow beneficial bacteria, which purify waste chemicals in the water and make it safe for your fish to live in. Finally, it adds mechanical filtration that extends the life and efficiency of your filter media.

Find out which sponge size to get and how to properly fit it to your filter by  viewing the sizing chart and video below. (Click the "Show More" button to expand the Directions/Specifications section.)

Customer Reviews

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Chris D. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

Pre Filter Sponge

Bruce R. (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Pre Filter Sponge

Keeps inside of filters clean. Now you can grow good beneficial bacteria.

r (Springfield, OR, US)
Great fit for Aqueon QuietFlow 200!

I am using the medium size pre-filter sponge. I had to take off the intake cage but the sponge fits well. Did not notice too much change in flow rate.

Perfect fit!

I wasn't sure if this would fit over my filter. I purchased the 20 gallon tank from Petsmart. It included everything I needed to start the tank minus the stand, substrate and decorations. I was so worried about my small fish being sucked up and when I Googled fish cover I found this. I've watched some Aquarium Co-op videos on YouTube and liked this filter more than any of the others I saw. Glad I went with this one!

Ashleigh K. (Burton-on-Trent, ENG, GB)

Bought for my dad in UK as nothing like this available there, took it back on my last visit, he was really happy.

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